An Unread Authors Challenge?

Loose Baggy Monster has made an intriguing suggestion in response to my last post on unread and under-read authors: could a challenge possibly emerge out of these gaps and lists? I think this is a marvelous idea, and I thought I would feel out whether others share my enthusiasm. I must also ponder what form it will take, and when it could occur, in the Challenge saturated world of blogdom. Perhaps the Fall?

What form do you all think would be best for an "Unread Authors" challenge? How about something like (Sept.-Feb.) "read six books by six authors whose work you have never read before." This would leave open the possibility of focusing on one (or a few) unread author(s) and reading multiple works by them, or reading a single work each from six different authors. The emphasis would be on reading authors who you feel form regretful gaps in your reading thus far, authors who you have long MEANT to attempt.

Let me know what you think.