Still alive!

Not to worry! I have not fallen off the face of the planet, as you might have feared.

In fact, we have just returned from a double whammy of travel: my first ever trip to Hawaii, following immediately (the following day) by a journey to Northern California for a small family reunion. Pictures are to come, if I can figure out how to work the digital camera. It is all new technological territory to me.

Meanwhile my film consumption has fallen off utterly: I have had the same three DVDs out of Netflix for what seems like weeks. I have not made nearly the progress I was hoping to on my June reading, and may have to extend some of my goals and challenges into July. Boo to that. I am stilling reading the delightful (if tome-ish) David Copperfield, and am midway through two short ones: Foundation (the first Isaac Asimov I have ever read) and Grendel (which strikes me as both immensely clever and slightly... dutiful. Or perhaps dutifulness-evoking). And, what's more, I owe you a couple of reviews for Beasts of No Nation and Twilight of the Superheroes, not to mention an update on some of my other challenges.

But this may be delayed a little while longer, because we are heading off this very evening for the east coast for a wedding. Our travels are not yet ended, but when we settle down a bit at the beginning of July I hope to 1) finish up the remaining chapter and a half of my dissertation and 2) return to good-blogger status.