A Move to WordPress - What think you?

I am so fed up with the rampant ugliness (and glitchy aesthetic unpredictability) of my Blogger site that I am seriously considering a move to WordPress.

But there are some things I am uncomfortable about, and I am unsure whether they will be dealbreakers.
  1. You can't use outside widgets (like my beloved LibraryThing widgets) with WordPress.
  2. There seem to be a lot more things (like the ability to edit your template's code) that you have to pay for with WordPress.  This makes me very uncomfortable.  
  3. When I set up a twin site at WordPress to test it out (go take a look and tell me which you prefer), a lot of my posts from Blogger seemed strangely diminished.  For instance, all the embedded videos I had posted had been stripped down to simple links.  Is this something I can easily fix?
I've used WordPress before in my teaching (for class blogs), and it worked really beautifully.  But now that I am so entrenched in the way of things at Blogger, I am strangely reluctant to learn new conventions.  So what say you?  What do you use to blog?  What would you recommend for someone who has no coding literacy and a desire for sleeker aesthetics in her blog? Should I move or stay?