Snow White, Blood Red

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I hereby dub last weekend "Snow White, Blood Red," in keeping with Farfara's fairy tale theme.

Fairy tales happen here

It's so gorgeous with the snow falling that I'm beginning to regret telling everyone that winter (November-June) was a dull time to visit. 

How is it that we can watch the sun set over the ocean from our house on the East Coast?
It's all about the Bay, baby.

In related news: why on earth don't we own a sled? Farfara Way has not yet realized its full potential.

This is where I read, of a sun-drenched evening when the snow turns every surface fiery.

The next morning, I tell D (in decidedly unfrigid Honolulu) how beautiful it is at Farfara, where the only things marring the snow are the prints of a bunny that made its way past in the night.

"A coyote-bunny hybrid?" D asks.

I consider this for a moment, trying to unearth its logic. I think it's that our coyotes, the Nova Scotian beasts who have taken the nearly unprecedented step of attacking human hikers, are thought to be wolf cross-breeds.  

"If so," I finally say, "I'm a lot less worried about these coyotes, because they are less than a foot tall. And they hop, which, let's face it, isn't that scary."

"Clearly you have never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail," D replies.

Oh, but I have. And just like that, I've got one more thing to worry about.