I saw a creature wandering the Way...

There may be those who think I've been exaggerating, not to say mythologizing, Farfara Way, which is, after all, only our *driveway*, no matter how long or steep. To them I give this tale:

Yesterday morning, as I was driving my white-knuckled route down the Way, I saw something odd across the deep ditch that abuts it, a few metres into the woods. That evening when I came home from work, I stopped the Barge at the midway point of the drive, where it is at its steepest, and went off to investigate in the frozen, pitchy dark. The spectre was a package, wrapped thoroughly in plastic, and tied to a tree at shoulder height. The delivery guy had hiked halfway up the driveway, and found himself UNABLE TO GO ON. So he went into the woods, and secured the package where he hoped I might someday find it. 

I half expected to find his frozen body at the base of the tree, with a note saying he'd eaten his companions in the hope of surviving the long Canadian winter.