On Epic Journeys and Cats' Condescension

I've been absent. Conspicuously so.  But only because things are afoot. This is my tenure-application year; I'm sunk in research and stranded on a Mt. Grademore of unprecedentedly massive proportions; in February D finally moved home from Hawaii and we drove an un-snow-tired UHaul from Maryland up to blizzard-shocked Nova Scotia; and a couple of weeks ago we got cats, so now we are those people who can't do anything but chirp devotedly about the miracle of feline disdain.  

Courtesy of XKCD

But I've been storing up tales to tell, in snippets and asides, and I hope to dole them out in semi-narrative form here now, so that you can see what I've been up to of late.  Hopefully once the term ends (next week: no joke), I'll be able to weave blogging more seamlessly into the daily pattern of course-prep and frenzied research.  

Meanwhile, to returns and rediscoveries!